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When is the application deadline?
Applications are due by 5:00 pm on February 1, 2020

When must our show be presented in order to enter the H.S. Theater Awards?
Entered productions must be presented between January 20 and May, 8 2020

Can we still enter if we do not yet know our performance dates or which show we are doing?
Yes. List the performance dates and show title as "TBA" on the application. Update us as soon as you have this information confirmed. Do not delay in sending the application.

How many schools are accepted into the program?
We accept a maximum of 65 schools. Please call us if you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours at (845)826-2049

We have double cast our show, can we still participate?
Yes, but you must choose ONE cast, the Designated Cast, to represent your school. That cast should appear in at least two separate performances.

Will you accept a school purchase order or voucher for the application fee and awards ceremony tickets?

When will you contact us to reserve tickets for the Evaluators?
We will contact your designated representative at least ten days prior to your first show to reserve tickets for the Evaluators assigned to your school. We will send an e- mail first with the reservation instructions and will call only if an email address is not provided. We prefer to email the information so that both parties have a written record of the reservation.

How many Evaluators do you send to the see our show?
We will send three Evaluators to each school.

How many tickets should I be holding until I receive specific reservations from the Metro Awards?
We will ask for a maximum of eight tickets over the course of your entire run. To be conservative, hold eight per performance, but if that is not feasible holding four tickets per performance should be sufficient because we will rarely send more than two Evaluators (and their guests) to the same performance. When possible, we strive to send Evaluators to various performance throughout the run of your show (schedules permitting).  

But our shows sell out quickly, what should we do?
Hold tickets as described above.  

Where do we seat the Evaluators?
Seating should be in pairs of two per reservation (for the Evaluator and their guest); however seating locations are at the sole discretion of the participating school. Evaluators are not required to be seated together should more than one attend the same performance. If your schools has general admission seating and you choose to hold seats for the Evaluator's (not required), please note that roping off a section by placing signs saying "Theater Awards Evaluators" on the seats is strongly discouraged.

How many tickets are allotted to each school for the awards ceremony?
That depends on how many schools participate in the program each year. We will let you know after everyone has registered.

Who performs at the awards ceremony?
Schools who are nominated for outstanding overall production and all actors and actresses in a leading role nominees.


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